The HETP program grants new businesses the opportunity to learn the fundamental building blocks behind established successful businesses. While I have attended several courses in different Universities and worked internationally, I felt that this program helped me grow as a new business owner. This accelerated entrepreneur program will help you establish a foundation for your business, direct your focus, grow connections with other entrepreneurs, and build a comprehensive business plan. You will also have the ability to discuss your business plan with a coach and receive support from the Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey. It is a win-win-win-win opportunity!

Excelente programa que me ha permitido aprender y replantearme ideas sobre mi negocio. Creo que cualquier persona se puede beneficiar de este programa y evitar cometer errores en su negocio.

Victor Garrido – Managing member of GG CPA Services

After taken this class, I feel that is a must for every entrepreneur out there or new business owners, I’m convince that without it, the success rate will dramatically decrease. I tried to begin my business many years ago and I wasn’t able to successfully maintain it, but with the many things I learn there, I was able to successfully take my business in a few weeks to a level I couldn’t in over 7 years.I would not only take this class again, but will invited every business owner friend I know because there is so much to learn from Ian and the chapter. The material is great, and the time we spend in the class, it’s worth it. Being able to go to a class with someone who knows and cares about the material so much is a blessing.He is the best. No matter what subject he teaches, his class wants to learn.The class was fantastic. Ian was funny, knowledgeable, and willing to help students, The class material was relevant and made the class enjoyable overall. Ian was a very good teacher. He was entertaining and engaged and he always communicated things in a clear way.

Great work overall. Thank you

Carlos Buelvas – CC Network Marketing

Agradecimienos para todo el equipo de trabajo y las entidades que hacen parte de este proyecto. Su interes en brindar a toda la comunidad las herramientas necesarias para tener un negocio exitoso es de gran valor para todos los emprendedores; el programa ha brindando las herramientas de conocimiento necesarias para el buen desarrollo y crecimiento de los mismos, su constante busqueda del mejoramiento continuo e implementacion de nuevas tendencias del mercado prometen sin duda alguna que cada nuevo programa que empieza sea mucho mejor que el anterior.

Otro punto a favor es la posibilidad de seguir vinculado con la comunidad a traves de eventos de networking, ferias y exposiciones empresariales que permiten a los nuevos empresarios rodearse de personas idoneas y propicias para las relaciones laborales y el buen desarrollo de los negocios.

Muchas gracias nuevamente por todos los conocmientos y saberes brindados / Thank you again for all the knowledge provided.

Danilo Melan Cubillos

I highly value the intent of the chamber for supporting people like me The team offers so much care and support that a thank you word is not enough to show my respect to your labor of love and commitment with the community. I wish I could honor your effort bringing my business to the level of your expectations.

Love and care for all of you!

Jeanne Karle – Naturia LifeStyle

I would like thank everybody in the process to make HETP so rewarding. The educational tools i have learned in the program and the networking of fellow participates will be everlasting.

From the bottom of my heart.
I will highly recommend this program to and any all future entrepreneurship. 🙂

William Portocarrero – Vision Funding Group