Every Friday a lesson has been filled with knowledge with the best professors from the chamber of commerce each had the ingredients we need to succeed in our business

Yanina Paz

Failing is part of the victory, work harder be smarter than ever because the hustle is real. Don’t chase your dreams build them

Fernando Garcia

Coming into the program I knew I needed change but I could not really relate to a lot of people in the room. But from these classes the change that came was a strong pivot and this course help me understand that there is purpose and a plan to continue to work and give back to the hispanic community.

Iradia Michelle Arvelo 

I have grown in this phase without even thinking about it by adding six new team members, increase 50% in our revenue income even with COVID and it’s all coming from the work and coaching that I have gotten from here

Fadja Roberts 

The organization and scheduling is excellent. The group coaching demonstration throughout the training session clarified many things regarding my business.

Yolanda Ramos

We have been approved for a financing line (factoring type- which gives us an amazing capability and access to quicker payments on outstanding invoices. An approval for a maximum of up to $2.7 million dollars per month.

Tania Quevedo