The program is Amazing!

Every week it’s something new. I learn so much about marketing. Business.  Funding –  my peers here are all like minded entrepreneurs who want to expand their business and are here to acquire more knowledge. It’s great to meet self motivated people and learn from them it has helped me expand.

I also belief this program gives you the right tools and knowledge to better grow your business both online and offline.  This program is an excellent preparation tool to launch or scale a business.

Cintia Solano – Insurance and Finance Independent contractor

I’m just going to list what my changes/accomplishments have been:

  • Starting to work on my business plan has been eye opening.  I am not there yet, but I am well on my way to a solid plan that will help guide my future steps and open doors to financial opportunities.
  • I have a much clearer understanding of what my target market is.
  • I attained a virtual office with a brick and mortar address through Fuse in Lyndhurst, NJ.
  • Though I had an LLC, it was registered in Delaware. I am now registered in NJ.  My business is now «real» and NJ based.
  • I am Google verified.
  • I opened a business bank account.
  • I will be registered with local government purchasing portals.
  • I have made endless connections through networking with fellow classmates and people I have met through the program and the SHCCNJ, as a whole.
  • I have a solid elevator pitch.
  • I have attended networking events on my own and navigated those waters, well.
  • I have learned that I will make mistakes but that these are learning experiences and that it will be ok.  I’m going to pick myself back up and keep on going.
  • Above all, I have gained more confidence as a business owner.  I don’t feel like I am doing this blindfolded, in a fog.  I have a «toolbox» of knowledge to draw from.  I have a clear direction for my business and what my next steps are.  I CAN do this.  I cannot express enough gratitude for the gift of being part of this HETP program.

Thank you to the SHCCNJ for this opportunity!

Maria Diaz – Order and Ease, LLC

  • En estos 5 meses que acaban de terminar hemos logrado desarrollar mas de 3 proyectos Clergerie (french company in Midtown Manhattan) y Tastalu (italian company in Downtown Manhattan).
  • En estos 5 meses hemos ya logrado alcanzar el mismo revenue de los 6 meses de el año pasado.
  • Tenemos 5 proyectos con companias que estan solamente esperando el green light para comenzarlos.
  • Hemos logrado incorporar un miembro mas en nuestro team que se ocupara de el marketing y social media.
  • Estamos programando la adquisicion de dos maqunarias importantes para la compania.
  • Cerramos otro contrato para un residential customer aca en NJ y es un proyecto importante cmpuesto de 3 partes.

Miguel Saire – Zena Italian Designs

I applied for the HETP program because I wanted to start a business based on what is my passion Art and writing. I teach fashion design and cooking. I took the time to acquire the knowledge and experience to provide my students. Also, I am constantly studying and renovating to give more to them. However, I lacked the knowledge I acquired in HETP. Here I learned about business regulations. In addition of advantages and disadvantages of the kind of business that I want to start. I found more than what I was looking for, a familiar and very professional environment. A team of people with enough ethics to deliver the students more than what they offered.

Thank you to the whole team now I know where to start and where to go.

Martina Nevado – Tina & Kids’ Creations

El programa nos brindó la oportunidad de conocer personas muy emprendedoras y estos se convirtieron en amigos, a los que en algún momento podremos contribuir para el crecimiento de sus negocios y lo mejor hacer negocios.

Best regards

Jorge Nolivos – Tembo BD

I would like to say thank you to HETP program for the magnificent knowledge and input that they give to hispanic people.   Thanks to HETP program now I know the procedures to work with the government and they help me to get my business register on different counties too.

HETP helped me organize my financial plan so now the accounting of my business is updated. Furthermore they helped me how to implement body language techniques in public speaking.

Thanks again!

Jenny Borja – CB Media LLC